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Strong Magnet Inc. was registered in Manitoba Canada by law. The company is a special  magnets supplier and magnetic products and magnetic jewelry producer that intends to design, patent, market and distribute Magnetic Jewelry Show 2010  Magnetic beads gallery 1

Strong Magnet Inc. does not only supply a large quantity of magnets for  industry and diversity of  purpose, the mission of Strong Magnet Inc. is to develop, and popularize biomagnetic technologies. The vision of company is to design high quality, artistic goods and jewelry, for customers, and offer effective solution to healing pain and improve their physical health in the mean time.

Theories and Technology; Biomagnetic Products Introduction :
The technology used in products is the biomagnetic therapy theories. According to the medial research and reports, the magnetic field affects the iron component of blood, hemoglobin, thereby increasing circulation to the area where magnets are applied. The other supporting theory is that the magnetic field energizes and oxygenates the white corpuscles in the blood stream, and these white corpuscles are nature's healing agents. The charged ions increase the blood flow, which provides increased oxygenation to the blood. This increased oxygenation is the prevalent factor to enhancing the human body's natural healing powers, and the results are less pain, decreased inflammation, and the possibility of increased energy level.
The claimed purpose of biomagnetic healing is to relieve pain and discomforts in the body.
Strong Magnet Inc. will initiate its product line with magnetic necklace, magnetic bracelet, magnetic earrings, magnetic insole, magnetic anklets, magnetic waist belt, magnetic rings, magnetic pendants by magnetic materials, crystals, and semi-gems. The designer will combine the magnetic parts and other gems artistically upon magnetic level and customers¡¯ taste (such as: pearlized magnetic jewelry). The polished metal-like texture and black shinny tone make jewelry very unique and full of sense of future.

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Magnetic earring Hematite beads Semi-precious stone beads
Magnetic Waist Belt Magnetic insole Copolymer line
Magnetic Finger Ring Strong Magnetic Stringless Bracelet Metal beads card
STRONG MAGNET INC. BN:816957427,   GST NO: 816957427 RT0001, Wholesale / Retail price with CA$ CA$2000 to start your own business, free trainning to make magnetic jewelry.

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